What is FasciaBlasting anyway?

Fad or Fab?

You may have seen it on a Facebook post.  Maybe you saw it on an episode of the Kardashians. It’a a tool called The FasciaBlaster, it was invented by Ashley Black.  Women (mostly) are using it around the world to contour their bodies.  In the process this tool can cause bruising, which leaves some people wondering.  At first, it’s easy to dismiss this as just another beauty product.  Once you’ve seen and felt what it can do, you’ll quickly change your mind.  I was skeptical the first time I overheard some ladies talking about it during physical therapy.  At best, I thought it would be like the rolling pin with nubs that runners use on their legs.  That was almost 2 years ago.

Two years ago, I was seeing a neurologist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist for debilitating neck and wrist pain. I could barely open jars or doors and would get dizzy whenever I tilted my head up. Doctors told me that I had carpal tunnel and had lost the curve in my neck. They recommended I leave massage and consider surgery.   When I overheard this conversation, I was just about to leave massage for good.

A few days later, I saw an add on Facebook about this tool and started doing research. I learned about the amazing woman behind this invention, Ashley Black and her background. Her solid skills, knowledge and research was beyond impressive, so I ordered it!  I kid you not, about 1-2 weeks after I began using it on my arms, back and neck, I no longer had any problem with my wrists. No more numbness or swelling of my fingers, no more dizziness when looking up.

Why and how does this work?  It’s all about Fascia.

Fascia is the sticky web that binds us, literally every cell in our body, it wraps around and through everything. When it is healthy, it is pliable and fluid, allowing your body to function properly and giving you the shape and definition you crave. When it isn’t healthy it can become bound, compressing  not only nerves, blood vessels but also chunks of flesh and fat and causing dents and ripples in your body. Aside from being aesthetically unpleasant they are also functionally harmful.

Bound fascia reduces your range of motion, caused lymphatic flow to become stagnant, increases inflammation, causing pain, increasing sensitivity and making it more difficult for you to loose fat and get definition. 


The FasciaBlaster and the new MasterBlaster work because they are very well designed tools that are easy to use.  They have these little claws with rounded edges that when scrubbed over your oiled skin can quickly increase circulation while breaking up the stuck, bound surface layers of fascia.  The back and forth rhythmic motion distracts and calms the nervous system to decrease guarding.
Each little claw is like a strong finger that never gets tired and is consistently applying directional pressure at your desired degree of depth. Except, instead of only having 10 fingers, you now have up to 54 (in the MasterBlaster)!! Using this tool in massage gives me great leverage and blending it in with trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage and breathwork is like nothing you’ve experienced before. 

Clinical Applications

For me, as a massage therapist who was working in a physical therapy clinic, the biggest issues in treating  patients was guarding or body-armor. This is what happens after trauma or injury, when your body responds by developing a protective shell around the injury.  These patients often recoil when touched with traditional massage and it can be a very long and painful process to rehab. I was using lymphatic drainage therapy to reduce inflammation and sensitivity but that still left bound fascia that was unresponsive.

After the success in using the FasciaBlaster on myself, I began bringing it in to work and using it on my patients. I used it lightly at first, after doing lymphatic drainage and making sure the area was very warm and lubricated. The results were impressive, the tool hurt them less than my hands and the body-armor released. Gradually, after fewer visits, I could use more pressure and break up the scar tissue and adhesions that had developed post trauma.  I would say that 90%  of the people I used it on loved it and most of them bought their own.


Another thing I love about it, is the empowerment. Instead of just passively receiving a treatment hoping that it helps you better, with the FasciaBlaster and the resources put in place by Ashley Black, you can now take an active role in your recovery. It is a wonderful self-help tool and its impact goes beyond the physical. Learning how to help yourself heal and feel better is a priceless gift.

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