Over the past 13 years, I have developed a wholistic approach to body therapy, pain management and wellness. This means that instead of just treating the area where you hurt, I will find all the areas that are involved, which either led to the problem or developed as a result of the area of concern.

Together, we will use a variety of techniques both in the office and for you to continue the treatments at home.  My goal is that you learn to understand how your body works and how you can help yourself stay well, with me as your facilitator, coach and guide. It is more than just regular massage. Ideally, this is how I would like to be of service of to you.

A therapeutic partnership is an interactive relationship between therapist and client. One which is clear and positive with professional boundaries, shared objectives and goals. This type of partnership promotes client empowerment, rather than dependency and therefore requires a certain level of commitment to stay engaged and see the process through.

Initial consultations are free and can take +/- 30 minutes. I will examine your posture, gait and discuss your history with body work. Then we will discuss your goals, concerns and any questions you might have. Afterwards, I will give you my recommendations on how we could proceed. I will explain what techniques I would like to use and why. Lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation and fascia work are some of the modalities I use. Together, we will formulate a plan which allows us to track your progress.