Understanding Lymph

Understanding Lymph

Did you know that you’re body has a secondary circulatory system? Your lymph system is often the unsung and forgotten hero.  Traveling parallel to the blood circulation, it removes wastes from every cell in your body.  These actions help stimulate your immune system, defending you from diseases and pathogens.

Under stress, either sudden or chronic, our lymphatic circulation becomes congested. When this happens,  symptoms can include inflammation, headaches, sinus congestion, pain, sleeplessness, skin conditions, digestive disorders, excess weight.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  A sluggish lymph system also stimulates your Sympathetic nervous system response.  Also known as your “Fight or Flight” response, which is supposed to kick in when you need to run or fight for your life. However, when it gets it triggered too often it can lead  to panic attacks, a weakened immune system and weak blood vessels, among other things.

Improving lymphatic outflow has been shown to diminish this response.  It does this by stimulating ParaSympathetic nervous system.  Which helps you rest, digest, reassess and become a happier, healthier you.

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