Lexi is without question the best!  She is an exceptionally skilled therapist whose caring, attentive focus on her clients enables her to apply her extensive knowledge of multiple techniques and modalities with great success. She has certainly worked wonders for me, and given the condition I was in when I first showed up for an appointment nearly a year ago, that’s no small accomplishment.  Lexi is a consummate professional who embodies the science, art, and spirit of her craft–and I am grateful to be a beneficiary of that.

Sincerely,  Ken

Like many people who live in the D. C. area, I work long hours on a computer and for years have suffered from what I call “PC Shoulders”.  Without a monthly massage, the pain in my back and neck becomes unbearable to the point of sleep deprivation.  From the first visit, Alexis instinctively knew the location of all of the trigger points in my back.  During our massage sessions, she relieves the pain in those locations and others that I didn’t know I existed.  Since I have a history of back problems, I have always been hesitant to let masseuses touch my lower back. Alexis knows how to massage this sensitive area without triggering a muscle spasm.  I strongly recommend utilizing her expert services if you are suffering from any kind of muscle pain or just want to treat yourself to relaxing experience.



“After suffering an accident on April, 2009, and after having had
physical therapy treatments and not really getting much better, I was
referred to Tri Therapeutic Massage, Inc. by a former client of theirs.
It was there where, by the grace of God, I met Ms. Alexis Lopez on August
2009.   At that time and even though I have had physical therapy, I was
still suffering a great deal of pain in my neck.  The treatment that I
received from Ms. Lopez was outstanding; her expertise and warm treatment
have made a big difference in my life since my health has been restored.
I am very grateful to Ms. Lopez for helping me so much and I would not
hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”

I hope and pray that you are feeling better and better.   



(Reviews left on MassageBook)

The staff was amazing. Lexi was was very knowledgeable , and took the time to explain in detail everything she was doing for my treatment.I recommend you give her a try!
Fabian A.
SERVICE RECEIVED: Relax & Recovery:
Feb 2018

The most relaxed I’ve felt in weeks – great!

Carl S. 

Jan 2018


An amazing therapist her technique her skill and her passion brought me relief to some pain that I’ve been feeling for many many months that was in the very first session!!!

Eddie T.



Dec 2017 

I’m very happy with my experience with Lexi. Always great when I can sleep a full night, a rest from chronic pain. Thank you!

~Faviola A.

Business response:

Thank you Faviola! It is such a pleasure to work with you too. I enjoy hearing how you can feel the releases throughout your body. A confirmation that working with the myo-fascial meridians is incredibly helpful and important.


Nov 2017 

SERVICE RECEIVED: Shareable Series 6(90 min sessions) + Bonus Gift. Save $120 

Lexi is beyond skilled, knowledgeable and professional. She is a true healer. Every move she makes is guided by experience and intuition. 

Posted 11/27/17

~Angela H. 


Nov 2017 


Time sometimes flies by and my session is finished before we noticed and no one can replace Lexi for an all around experience. Settling my problems mind, body and holistically. I trust her more than any other person who has tried to work on my various pains and problems. Including one area affects another explains everything as she has always does. Not just saying the standard try to relax and breathe. See you on your next session appointment. Including Doctors that I have had or will ever have and I have had a lot of medical professionals try to figure my body pains and problems out or how to fix it. With no results ever coming close to what I get from her. My body may still be sore and a better understanding with a piece of mind. I will look no further and I will tell everyone who asks me how I am making progress? It’s because of her help connecting the dots on my body and not just patient B with plan A. Like other establishments because they will try to help you and then collect your money. With her my money is well spent and I am receiving the best I have ever found in all my years of pains and problems. To help me through it all and I will be a client for life. Thank you Lexi.

~Brad Y.