My Story

The mind-body connection

As a little girl, I would feel sick whenever there was any negativity around me. I was curious when doctors would tell me that these things were “all in my head”.

By the mid to late 1990’s, I was spending endless hours at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda.  I remember when I found research done by Dr. Candace Pert.  She became my hero. Her book called Molecules of Emotion explained the science behind mind-body medicine. This was also when I first discovered the book Quantum Health by Deepak Chopra. Both of them fueled my desire to understand and maybe one day teach how to use that connection.

In May of 2000, I got my bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology from George Mason University.  By 2002,  I became a research assistant and clinical coordinator at the National Institutes of Mental Health. That was when fate intervened and I became really sick.

I was diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders, a hole in my heart and possibly several mini-strokes.

I saw all kinds of specialists and none of them agreed. After 2 years, my health had deteriorated and my mind was full of fear and anxiety. I had constant migraines, occasional black outs and way too many medications. So, in a moment of desperation, I decided to try something unorthodox. I found myself on the massage table of an amazing healer, named Cheyenne. He did a combination of massage and energy work (craniosacral therapy) and for the first time in a long time I was out of pain.

Awakening the healer within

My logical, scientific mind couldn’t make sense of how my body was responding to this. That was how I fell down the rabbit hole and how I ended up spending weekends at a library in Virginia Beach. Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment . That was also how and why I later decided to quit everything and move there, so I could learn how to heal myself.

In 2005 I graduated from the Edgar Cayce and Harold Reilly school of holistic massage therapy in Virginia Beach. This was a wonderful, life-changing step in my path, but not an easy one. There was a saying at the school, that it was built on Karma hill. Going through their program, I began to understand what that saying meant. True healing isn’t about what medication you can take or who will fix you. Healing is always an inside job, made up of your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, beliefs and habits. Healing has many parts, mind-body and spirit.

At first my friends and family thought I just had wishful thinking. Yet over the years, for me this proved to be true. None of the diagnosis I received remain, I am healthy and empowered.

It took courage to face the things that contributed to my dis-ease. Meeting and making peace with my demons was the first step in healing. Now, I understand some of Edgar Cayce’s quotes, such as: “Mind is the builder & As above so below.”

My approach is to awaken the healer inside of you. Showing you how to use your mind and breath to reconnect with your body and move through pain.   Our bodies have the innate capacity to heal. The first step in your journey is awareness.